Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gallery Promenade 2013

This Friday, September 27th, from 5PM – 9PM, marks the 17th annual Gallery Promenade, which celebrates the art spaces all across the lake area. For one night, galleries, museums, art studios and unconventional art spaces will open their doors to the public, free of charge, to celebrate their year-round efforts at promoting the best culture of the region. J&R Carriage will offer free carriage rides (Please give them a donation as a thank you!) along Ryan Street and to Central School (809 Kirby St) and there will also be pedicab rides available in downtown Lake Charles. All locations will offer a free reception, with most offering a little something extra special. Maps will be posted soon, and will be available at all locations.

Here is the full list of locations and activities:

Alexander Art Studio, 900 Ryan Street, Suite 102: Featuring the work of Candice Alexander, Meagan Green, and Lindsey Katharine Johnson
(Meagan Green, Salivary Cycle AD, Mixed Media, Alexander Art Studio)

Henning Cultural Center, 923 Ruth Street, Sulphur: Featuring a dual exhibit by Jack Amuny and Mark John

At Central School, 809 Kirby Street:

Art Associates Gallery, Central School,  Suite 208: “A Louisiana Treasure,”  works by primitive artist Alvin Batiste, and early Christmas sales of the locally produced cookbook, From Palate to Palette.

Black Heritage Gallery, Central School , Suite 207: “Metal Health Series” new works by Adrian Fulton, and featuring live Jazz music by Gervis Guidry.

Dewey Fine Art, Central School,  Suite 347 and 3rd Floor Art Hall: The work of Imogene Dewey, Theresa Dewey, Students & Friends. The group will also offer  demonstrations of various techniques, plus one-night-only discounts on workshops, classes, fine art, and prints.

Itinerant Theatre, Central School,  Suite 339. Live “Jesus Christ Superstar” rehearsals.

1st Floor Art Hall:  Central School,  Suite 306, and 1st Floor Art Hall. Artwork by Carolyn White, and Kevin Leveque

2nd Floor Art Alcove: Central School, The works of  Jacqueline Segura, Johnny Segura, Daniel Castro, Peggy Borel. Artwork, photography, book signing, and more.

Steve Schindler Photography, 949 Ryan Street, Suite 240: Works by Steve Schindler who will also be offering 10 free giveaways for a $250 session.

1911 Historic City Hall Arts & Cultural Center, 1001 Ryan Street: ” Abraham Lincoln: The Image”

Artisans’ Gallery, 1911 Historic City Hall, 1001 Ryan Street: New work by  Anita Ahrens, Melinda Antoon, Blaine Bourgeois, Sally Cappel, Marilyn Cox, Beth Fontenot, Ronald Gibson, Kathy Gardiner Hebert, Emma Hughes, Charlene Kaough, Carrie Kudla, Charlotte LaBarbera, Pat Love, Judy Momenzadeh, Donna Artigue Price, Geoff Russell, Gloria Wegener, Bobbi Yancey, Gloria Yang, and Sue Zimmermann, with several chances to win original arwork.
(Sue Zimmermann, Trio, Artisans Gallery)

McNeese Visual Arts, Grand Gallery & Shearman Fine Arts Center, 4205 Ryan St.: McNeese Annual Faculty Exhibition with Ken Baskin, Marty Bee, Meghan Fleming, Heather Kelley, Lisa Reinauer, Lynn Reynolds, Larry Schuh, Gerry Wubben, Lewis Temple, Robbie Austin, Cynthia Howes Baskin, Amanda Hext. Also, on the 2nd Floor Mezzanine: “Mysterio,” an exhibition of eclectic works and curiosities.
(Ken Baskin, Crown Gear, McNeese Faculty Exhibit)

Stellar Beans, 319 Broad St.: Featuring the work of Damon Lombard, John Martel, and live music by Tim Norris

The Children’s Museum, 327 Broad St.: Art pieces by John Martel, Ramsey Ayers, Sean Hicks, Desiree Burgess, Jon Meaux, Caitlin Richard and Lindsey Johnson
(John Martel, Hare, Children's Museum)

The Frame House Gallery, 1640 Ryan St.: “When Contemporary meets Traditional” featuring Sarah Griffith, Ronnie Collins, Stella Waits, Marilyn Cox. Also, chances to win 3 wonderful prizes by local artists.

The Harrington Gallery, 210 Tamarack St., Sulphur: “Inspirations in Clay” by Cindy Fails, and a door prize by local artist.

Arts’ Desire, 1322 Ryan St.: Featuring the work of Raejean Clark, Michelle Reed Watson, Robin Jones, and Brenda Lafleur, they will also feature the Blank Canvas Project, with special guests, and live demonstrations.

From the Attic: Home & Seasonal Decor, 3505 Country Club Rd. –Featuring original works by Erica McCreedy, Lance Thomas, Louisiana’s Artist of the Year Erin Barker, Danielle Nester, and Mindy Schwarzauer, with live music, store giveaways, and raffles.

Dharma, 329 Broad St.: McNeese Student Art Association, “N.Y.T.H.S.” with a live music afterparty.

505 Bazaar, 314 Broad St.: The art of Ellen Anthony

Pujo Street Café, 901 Ryan St.: The work of Art Du Lac

The Art Shop, 706 Ryan St. Artwork, and bicycle rentals.

“Before I Die” Public Art Wall, 314 Broad St. –An interactive art display produced by Charles Talen and Euric Fuselier
("Before I die",Charles Talen Euric Fuselier, Public Art Wall, 314 Broad Street 505 Bazzar, 
photo by Daniel Castro) 

Gallery By the Lake, 106 W. Pryce St. “30th Anniversary, ALA Alumni” featuring Nancy Melton, Ann Hoffpauir, Tony Forrest, Imogene Dewey, Valerie Smith, Brenda LaFleur, Helga Gravitt, Sue Didelot and Kevin Leveque, Ellen Anthony, Sheila Babineaux,  Pat Craft, Nancy Czejkowski, Anne Dentler, Lois Derise, Marcia Dutton, Barbara Haviland, Barbara Holt, Debbie Lavergne, Jock McGregor, Judy Newman, Nancy Peace, Patsi Prince, Linda Ritchie, Liz Tomlinson, and Sue Zimmerman

Laura Kelley Photography, 329 Broad Street: Featuring the work of Laura Kelley

Please call the Arts Council SWLA for details at 439-ARTS.