Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rock School SWLA In Session

Marcus Sawyer of Lake Charles, has recently opened a one stop shop for musicians young and old looking to learn the ropes of rock-n-roll.  Music Lessons, Voice Lessons, Music Business Classes, Booking Agency, Recording Classes, and Live Sound classes are all offered under Sawyer's newly opened "Rock School."  
With years of hands on experience in the real world of rock-n-roll, Marcus has a wealth of knowledge to offer on the do's and dont's of the modern rock-n-roll industry.  Employing a team of well known local musicians such as Kris Harper and Matt Moss, to name a few, Sawyer has created the perfect place for musicians to get together and learn everything from the most basic, to the most technical.  

Rock School is located at 2915 Common Street in Lake Charles.  Call (337) 439-0211 For more information, or visit

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